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I am a recognised ACTO Level 3 Senior Professional Member

Vesna Mandic-Bozic was awarded ACTO Level 3 Senior Professional Member status in 2020.

The information on this page explains more about what ACTO is and why it’s important to work with a Level 3 Senior Professional Member if you’re considering therapy over phone, video call, email or instant messaging.

ACTO Logo - Association For Counselling And Therapy Online

What is ACTO?

The initials ACTO stand for Association for Counselling and Therapy Online.

You can view their official website here:

Who are ACTO

ACTO is the representative body for professional online psychological therapists. They are recognised as an advisory body in the education and training of online therapists.

A primary aim of ACTO is the education and training of online therapists, with the objective of raising the standards, principles; practice and skills of online therapy for the benefit of all of those who are the recipients of online therapy.

Why is ACTO Important?

ACTO was set up by Counselling and Therapy professionals who wanted to make sure that as we move towards giving more help online, over email and video chats – that the care being given is delivered in a method that is just as consistent and effective as the care you would otherwise receive when you meet a Counselling or Therapy professional in a face to face environment.

Why work with an ACTO member?

If you are considering any kind of online therapy (over webcam, telephone or instant message) then choosing to work with an accredited ACTO member will guarantee that you will be getting qualified help from an experienced professional therapist that has completed training specific to working with clients online.

ACTO members have all made a commitment to follow a strict set of ethical guidelines that put your safety and confidentiality first.

What is a ACTO Level 3 Senior Professional Member?

ACTO memberships are awarded based on three levels of membership. Level 3 is the highest of these three levels.

Level 3 are considered Senior Professional Members of ACTO and put simply, it means that they have achieved the highest level of proficiency in online therapy.

Vesna Mandic-Bozic was awarded her ACTO Level 3 Senior Professional Member status in 2020 after completing a diploma level ACTO training course specific to Online Therapy and also evidencing the principles and competences that ACTO demands of its senior professional members.

Ready To Start?


You may have questions about my ACTO membership and what it means for your care that are not answered on this page.

You are very welcome to contact me and ask any questions that you might have.

Alternatively additional information about both me and ACTO can be found on their official website:


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